The Mumbai Sticker

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“The Mumbai Sticker” is a layered script font.

instructions to use:

• for smooth connections of y p, v s, v r, v z, w s, w r, and w z please enable “standard ligatures” in open type features panel

• Type a text with the “Regular” version, then copy and paste in back (cmd B) and switch to “Shadow Outline” version. Please make sure you give it a different color to make the main font visible.

• Some softwares such as Adobe InDesign that support terminal forms, there are final versions with a slightly lower and curlier ending for characters a, d, e, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, r, t, u, For example like the "i" in "Mumbai" on the stickers as you can see on the poster image.

Looks best in Black and white as you can see in the poster image but feel free to play around!

• • •

For language extensions, extra characters and symbols please

I have created this font from the sticker I designed for my Mumbai trip for my friend’s wedding, you can watch a short video of the process and the story behind.

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The Mumbai Sticker

0 ratings
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